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Verde y amarillo


1/ O.K., I am totally blown away. I got some kind of infection on the inside of my mouth on the cheek and on the skin behind my last tooth where my wisdom tooth was pulled. Red, white bumps and painful and it doesn't look like thrush, but anyway, have been using warm salt water, with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Still was bothering me, so I started using the Schweitzer Formula (from Earth Matters CR) directly on it and swishing it in my  mouth and the pain is almost gone and it already looks better! I will keep using only this until the infection is gone. I am amazed right now. Not that I didn't think it would work, but so fast! Judy Burnham, June 22, 2017

2/ Good morning wonderful ladies: I thought I would forward this to you as testament to your marvelous product 'Schweitzer Formula", or as I call it 'Albert juice'. Feel free to use all or part of this message if you feel it could help. By applying the Schweitzer spray frequently during the day, my wound went from its very angry and open state to the smallest of nicks and all in just two weeks. Now, of course, one week later, there is virtually nothing to be seen. I incurred no infection and what bruising did appear, disappeared very quickly. Also, the severe sensitivity that surrounded the wound at the outset also diminished very quickly.  Once again, many thanks for your introduction to 'Schweitzer Formula' and I have already put an extra bottle in our First Aid drawer, just in case I fall off another ladder in the future. Peter Stokes, April 7, 2017

3/ Great products!!!! Love them all!!!!!!! Nicole Clark, February 21, 2017

4/ Cat and Mel at Earth Matters CR are great people and very knowledgeable at helping you find solutions to staying healthy without prescription drugs if possible, using natural nontoxic products for your home, beauty and well being! I started using their shampoo bar about a year ago, love the suds and way it balanced my scalp Ph level, it lasts forever and so affordable! We started using their Magnesium Oil spray as well-much more affordable than that I purchased in the US too! The latest is their Diatomaceous Earth and Cafe Ole Rapid Healing Face & Body Cream which stimulates circulation-smells good enough to eat! My hubby wasn't sold on the DE until he tried it a few days to help bowl regularity with his low carb diet. He is a true believer now and prefers it to all! First noticed our finger and toe nails had improved as well as colon health! We also use it for an insecticide. We highly recommend to all. Go girls! Debra and Don Rogan, February 19, 2017

5/ Hola Ladies! It's Jeanie, I live in Jaco, we met at the festival a couple months back. I absolutely love the detergent and the face cream. Thanks so much! HAPPY FRIDAY!


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