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​How do I place an order?

To place your order online, simply select your products, click the button and submit. You will be guided to the check out area to select your payment preferenc... Or, send us an email with your request, we will assist you in any way possible. We pride ourselves in excellence of service and will always go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is always a positive one.


How do I pay for my purchase

Once you have completed your order form, you will be directed to payment options. PayPal or direct deposit into our bank. These methods of payment are secure and easy to use. 


Secure Ordering

& Payment Options

With just two methods of payment, either via PayPal or direct bank deposit or transfer, your payments are secure. This way you alone have full control and Earth Matters CR has none. Your payments are always made through trusted institutions.


Returns & Refunds

Refunds will be honoured with a credit to your account once the product has been returned in good condition. Simply select an alternative item of equal value, the item will then be sent at the cost of shipping only. All returns must be in good condition. No refund or return is accepted on any food item or supplement, however, if the item has not been opened, an exchange is possible. This is at the sole discretion of Earth Matters CR. 

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