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WHAT CONDITIONS CAN OZONE THERAPY BE USEFUL FOR? Circulation Disorders Including ********************************** Peripheral Vascular Disease Cerebral (Brain) Vascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes Vascular Disorders Infectious Diseases Including:1,9 Acute and Chronic Wound Infections Chronic Viral Infections Parasitic Infections Chronic Unresponsive Bacterial Infections Chronic Yeast Infections Chronic Osteomyelitis Chronic Cystitis Chronic Skin Ulcers Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis Immune Disorders Including ********************************* Chronic Fatigue-Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) Rheumatoid Arthritis Connective Tissue Diseases Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Allergies Immune Stimulation Inflammatory Conditions Including **************************************** Acne Anal Eczema/Fissures Rheumatic Conditions Arthritis Arthrosis Rheumatism Hepatitis, Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Miscellaneous Uses ********************** Alzheimers-Like Senile Dementia Anti-Aging Immune Stimulation Cerebral Sclerosis Parkinson's Disease Geriatric Conditions Veterinary Medicine Wound Healing

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  • Grecia, Alajuela 20301, CRI

    + 506 6287 0873

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