Shampoo Body Bar

Size: 4.5-5oz / 126g-140g

Contains: Pure cold pressed coconut oil, Lye, fragrance





Shampoo Body Bar

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  • This Shampoo Body Bar is non toxic for the environment, so whatever goes down the drain, into the gray water, and leaches into your drinking water, no worries here...

    This is a hand made, hand cut artisinal product, colourations may vary slightly, sizes are within the range as specified.

    Our Shampoo Body Bar provides sumptuous lather that cleans you from head to toe leaving you feeling squeeky clean! Without leaving any residue behind on your skin. 

    Fantastic for travel! No more sticky shampoo leaks in your suitcase to clean up, no more shaving creams in explosive aerosol cans to deal with. One bar of our luxury Pure Organic Coconut Oil Shampoo and body bar will take care of all your personal grooming needs.