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Shop the highest quality nutritional supplements and natural products in Costa Rica. We offer convenient online shopping delivered anywhere in Costa Rica.

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   Natural Products for Home and Body   

Unleash your inner healer with herbal remedies & products

If you believe your body is the temple of mind and soul, if you know that Nature has everything to be healthy and filled with energy, we are glad to have you here. And we cordially invite you to our world of kindness, care, love, and natural remedies. We have started Earth Matters CR with complete confidence that healing begins as long as you live with full respect for Nature. 

You know your well-being matters. You believe your soul came alive to shine, and your body was reborn to feel healthy. And you dropped by the natural remedy store where we share the same principles.

In our products, we use the power and remarkable properties of rainforest plants of the magical land of Costa Rica. We also source staggering natural ingredients worldwide to create out-of-the-ordinary personal care products and dietary healing boosters or produce something you can use to grow organic and chemical-free crops in your garden. 

When choosing any product at the Earth Matters CR natural remedy online store, you know it is created, grown, and blended with love and care using sustainable methods. Because the same way as you are, we are intolerant to the cruelty of any form and profess the worship of Mother Nature.

Buy natural remedies online to regain Nature’s healing power! 


Buy natural remedies online
for your health concerns


When taking a deeper look at Earth Matters CR collections, you’ll be wowed to choose from:

  • Holistic products. Whether for pain relief, aiding digestion, or fighting inflammation, explore the holistic section of the Earth Matters CR natural medicine shop. By enriching your diet with natural supplements like Omega-3 and milk thistle, you can significantly improve your physical look and overall well-being. While medicines may contain chemicals that are harmful to your body, our herbal goodies allow you to leave pills back on the shelf.

  • Ozone therapy products. The ongoing consumption of synthetic medications suppresses your immunity, making it weak and sensitive. Ozone therapy aims to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood and restart your immune system when dealing with numerous health conditions, from allergies to cardiovascular diseases to rheumatism. Plus, it can slow down the aging process at the cellular level.

  • Skin and hair care products. Your skin is the largest sensory organ and the first line of defense against bacteria. When you buy natural medicines online at Earth Matters CR, you get the necessary nutrients to maintain your skin’s barrier function. Our products are free from artificial fragrances, chemicals, and synthetic preservatives and can be used for all hair and skin types.

  • Other products. To add a healthy twist to your diet without a dramatic shift, go for Indian black salt, nutritional yeast, basil-infused olive oil, and other wholesome food add-ons. You can also get your hands on baking soda if you’re into pastry.


Black Seed Oil

The Best in Holistic Care

store natural medicine

One of our favorite remedies for most all of your health concerns.

Holistic Support for Cancer

Essiac Tea

   Featured Products   

Herbal remedies to level up your self-care 

If you keep getting sick every season, chances are, your immune system is ripped away by breaches. You may resort to medicines to “plug the leaks,” but their side effects aren’t something you can be okay with. For a tangible health improvement without follow-up headaches and other side effects, take a look-see around our natural remedies for sale online.


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