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Magnesium lotion, in response to the need for a simple and effective lotion that would combine the easy, everyday ritual of caring for the skin with the important benefits of magnesium. Earth Matters CR Magnesium Lotion delivers magnesium directly to the cells, while encouraging healthy skin tissue and protecting the most sensitive of skin.

Magnesium Lotion

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  • 1 teaspoon smoothed over your skin daily provides your body with a full supplimental dose of Magnesium. 

    Magnesium Lotion is ideal for addressing skin conditions such as: PsoriasisEczemaDermatitisAcneSimply apply desired amount into a cupped hand and rub into the skin thoroughly. Repeat as appropriate to treatment regimen, covering any areas needing special attention.

    Magnesium works within our cells — the powerhouses, factories and regulators of the body’s systems. Its crucial role in over 300 fundamental biochemical reactions affects the brain, the muscles, the heart and blood vessels, and ultimately our overall health and well-being..

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