Cafe' Ole'

Size: 120ml


Cafe'Ole' has been formulated to assist in rapid healing of skin abrasions, sooth arthric joints and reduce swelling and bruising of damaged tissue. Cafiene infused olive oil along with CBD/THC infused coconut oil are two of the key ingredients that make this a unique and effective cream.

Cafe' Ole' is hand crafted to meet with two very specific needs.

1. to improve circulation

2. to heal at a celular level

Rub this into your feet each night before bed and sleep like a baby while it goes to work to improve your vascular health. Relieves aching legs and sore feet almost immediately. Rub into aching muscles, sore kneck, or back and within moments you will feel the relief.


Cafe' Ole' 120ml

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  • Ingredients: ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Infused with Organically Grown Coffee, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Infused with CBD Oils, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Schweitzer Formula, Aloe Vera Gel, Carbomer, KoH